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Some useful information about Fremont California - wikipedia

Fremont is a city in Alameda County, California, located in the East Bay region of the Bay Area. Fremont has a population of 230,504 as of 2020, making it the fourth most populous city in the Bay Area, behind San Jose, San Francisco, and Oakland. It is the closest East Bay city to the high-tech Silicon Valley network of businesses, and has a strong tech industry presence.

The city's origins lie in the community that arose around Mission San Jos, founded in 1797 by the Spanish under Padre Fermn Lasun. Fremont was incorporated on January 23, 1956, when the former towns of Mission San Jos, Centerville, Niles, Irvington, and Warm Springs unified into one city. Fremont is named after John C. Frmont, a general who helped lead the American Conquest of California from Mexico and later served as Military Governor of California and then U.S. Senator.

The recorded history of the Fremont area began on June 6, 1797, when Mission San Jos was founded by the Spaniard Father Fermn de Lasun. The Mission was established at the site of the Ohlone village of Oroysom. The tribe lived between present-day San Francisco and Monterey and more lands towards the East. They lived in dome shaped shelters made out of redwood bark or woven tule. They were primarily hunter-gatherers; men hunted and trapped waterfowl, rabbits, deer, elk, and bears, whilst women gathered nuts, berries, and root vegetables. The Ohlone tribe lived beside rivers and estuaries because of the natural resources like fish and shellfish. In warm weather, men wore mostly nothing; in the winter, they wore animal-hide or feather capes. Other than weather, ceremonies also decided what the Ohlone men wore. The women wore deerskin aprons over skirts made of tule or shredded bark.

Fremont, California
City of Fremont
Mission San Jose (Fremont, CA) (cropped).JPG
Mission Peak over Lake Elizabeth, in Fremont, California (cropped).JPG
Holy Spirit Church (cropped).jpg
Dominican Convent of Mission San Jos 1320.jpg
Washington Union High School (Fremont, CA) (cropped).JPG
Clockwise: Mission San Jos; Holy Spirit Church; Washington Union High; Dominican Convent of the Holy Rosary; view of Mission Peak from Lake Elizabeth
Location of Fremont in Alameda County, California.
Location of Fremont in Alameda County, California.
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Coordinates: 373254N 1215919W / 37.54833N 121.98861W / 37.54833; -121.98861Coordinates: 373254N 1215919W / 37.54833N 121.98861W / 37.54833; -121.98861
CountryUnited States
IncorporatedJanuary 23, 1956
Named forJohn C. Frmont
City councilMayor Lily Mei
Vice Mayor Raj Salwan
Vinnie Bacon
Rick Jones
Teresa Keng
Yang Shao
Jenny Kassan
City managerKarena Shackelford
State senatorBob Wieckowski
AssemblymembersBill Quirk and Alex Lee
United States RepresentativesEric Swalwell " title="Democratic Party (United States)">D) and Ro Khanna " title="Democratic Party (United States)">D)
Total88.46sqmi (229.10km)
Land78.31sqmi (202.83km)
Water10.14sqmi (26.27km) 11.6%
56ft (17m)
Rank2nd in Alameda County
16th in California
96th in the United States
Density2,600/sqmi (1,000/km)
Time zoneUTC8
Summer UTC7
ZIP codes
9453694539, 94555
Area code510, 341
FIPS code06-26000
GNIS feature IDs277521, 2410545

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